Saturday, May 05, 2012


Both of our kids are getting married this year.  Our son is getting married on June 17 and our daughter is getting married on September 1. 

Both kids are planning slide shows to be shown during their wedding receptions.  Because they needed pictures of themselves as they were growing up, we spent the better part of a weekend going through old photos and scanning them into the computer. 

Going through these pictures brought back many happy memories for me.  These are some of my favorites.

Our son:

Our son and family dog, Marlo in the wheel barrow:

Our son and daughter:

 Our son pulling his sister in the wagon:

Our daughter and son:
Our daughter:

Our daughter listening to music on my husband's knee:

Our son, all dressed up and waiting to go out with Mom and Dad:

Me and our daughter after the "goat incident".  We were at a petting zoo and the goat that my daughter was petting decided to chew on her shirt tail.  Our daughter was not impressed!

"A mother's memories can never be erased from her heart."


QuiltNut Creations said...

Congrats on the recent wedding! A very busy, exciting year for you Norma! Great pictures; I love the one of your son in his suit.

Valerie said...

Beautiful pictures, and I had to comment, because I was married on September 1st! (almost 11 years ago now though!)

Linda_J said...

What wonderful memories were made to go along with these pictures! I know you spent a long time scanning them to get ready for the slideshows for the wedding. I did not realize how blond your kids both were when young!