Saturday, June 12, 2010

Using up Scraps and Strings

I am determined to use up every last string and scrap in my studio! To that end, I have been continuing to work on these string scrappy chevron Log Cabin blocks. I have finished 74 - 9.5 inch blocks so far. By my calculations, I need 11 more of these blocks to make a large queen or king sized quilt top.
I have also been working on a new scrap block (like the block to the right in the photo below). These blocks are fast to make and are great to make when you want to use up those strata trimmings left from all those other projects. I find that if I use Ellen's Best Press on the block when I am finished piecing, I can flatten out those bulky seams so they are super flat and ensure a perfectly square block once trimmed.
This picture shows what a group of nine blocks might look like if they were pieced together without any sashing.
I am determined to leave no string or scrap behind!

Bridge Creek Blossoms

Linda and I are working on another Atkinson Design pattern: Bridge Creek Blossoms.

We were supposed to start this one together last Friday, but my day job got in the way of those plans as I ended up having to work. We did work on this project a bit last weekend, but not like we like to, which is all day, uninterrupted.

I am planning to work on more blocks to put towards this project today - between the regular domestic chores that compete for my time each weekend - laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning house, etc.

This is a picture of the progress that I have made so far - 10 of the 50 blocks required to make this a queen size. I was originally going to make this one lap size, but I have enough fabrics in my stash to make more blocks so why not go for it, and make the queen size, right?

This project sort of counts as a patriotic project. If you double click on the picture, you should be able to see the Canadian flags in the bouquets on the border print. Canadians are a bit quiet and subdued about putting their flag out there front and center. When I bought this fabric more than 3 years ago, I wanted to make a patriotic quilt and I was unable to find any fabric with the Canadian flag on it. Of course, in the last year, that has all changed with the focus we had last winter on the Winter Olympics. Now I am seeing Canadian flag fabric everywhere!