Sunday, July 25, 2010

Daisy Chain Flimsy

Yesterday I finished my Daisy Chain quilt to the flimsy stage. This top now measures 84 inches x 106 inches.

This is a project that I started on December 26, 2009 with my good friend, Linda. The blocks for this quilt have been assembled into rows for some time. As usual, progress on the quilt stopped at attaching the borders. With the last of the "I Love Lucy" reruns playing on my laptop yesterday, I finished off this top.

I took this picture this morning. As you can see, we are in for another great day here--not a cloud in the sky!

Can you see who wanted to get in on the photo action? The cat under the quilt is a stray that has adopted our family and lives in our yard. We have started calling him, "Rambo". Rambo desperately wants a family of his own. We can't bring Rambo inside as it upsets Joey to have another cat in the house. So, Rambo lives in the yard and Joey lives in the house and they talk to one another through the glass.
The border fabric is a Hoffman print that has been aging in my stash for quite some time--just waiting for this project to come along.

When I asked my husband last night if he liked this one, he first asked if it was for him. Why is it when you are looking for feedback, they want to know if it is for them? I told him it could be for our bed and then yes, it would be for him and me.....but that was not really answering the question. Then he replied that he wasn't sure he liked yellow and green together? I asked him if he didn't think this quilt looked summery. I am not sure I totally heard the answer, nor did I ask him to repeat it. My daughter came by and told me that she likes it. Mental note to self.....don't ask husband for opinions on my quilts....stick with daughter's opinions! LOL

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Car Show on a Sunny Day

Today was the most beautiful sunny day. My husband and I walked up to our Main Street to see the classic / collector cars that were on display.

We each found our personal favorites and vehicles that reminded us of the cars of our youth.

We had a wonderful time walking up and down the street admiring the hard work that had been put into restoring these wonderful vehicles.

Colour Catcher String Flimsy

This is a picture of my latest flimsy finish - another Colour Catcher String quilt.

I have been using used Colour Catchers as string block foundations for some time now. Between other projects or when I am in a creative slump and I can't come up with anything else to work on, I mindlessly piece strings to the Colour Catcher foundations.

I usually get stuck on the borders of a quilt. I was busy watching old re-runs of "I Love Lucy" on Friday night while I worked on the borders of this quilt. Before I knew it, I had a finished flimsy. A little laughter at the timeless comedy antics of Lucy and Desi made me forget how boring I find attaching bindings. This quilt will be a perfect utility quilt for the winter when we are looking for an extra quilt on the bed.

This top now measures 97" x 104".

I love the lime green border fabric. Lime green is my favorite colour and I couldn't resist using this fabric as the cornerstones and border to set off these colourful blocks.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Birthday

We celebrated my husband's birthday last night with a traditional family meal. The weather has been great this past week so we were able to cook and eat outdoors in the backyard. Summer living is great.
This is my husband and my son--two peas in a pod.

The two peas, and my daughter. I never seem to have enough pictures of my three favorite people!

This is a photo from my garden. I have been keeping an eye on this Hydrangea bush--it does not like the intense heat we have been experiencing lately and so I have been giving it extra water to help preserve those gorgeous blooms.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Design Wall

I have never had a design wall before. I have always laid my blocks out on the floor to tweak the arrangement. A design floor is a disadvantage if you have a cat. As soon as I have my blocks arranged on the floor, Joey thinks it is time to play and he runs and slides through the middle of the blocks.

This week, I asked my husband if he would help me put up a design wall in my sewing room. The wall directly across from where my sewing machine sits was blank. I can't put a piece of furniture against that wall as there is an outside door to the left of that wall and a closet door to the right. When both doors are open, the space between the doors is only about 10" wide. Since it is hard to find a piece of furniture that is only 10" wide, that wall remained empty. The wall was really a waste of space and seemed to be crying out for a purpose.

We purchased three sheets of Styrofoam insulation and covered them with an extra wide piece of flannel. We had to work around an outlet on that wall. When the Styrofoam was turned, it fit perfectly in the space. No trimming of the Styrofoam was required and the electrical outlet was not covered.

My husband wanted to see "how the wall worked" so I added my Bridge Creek Blossom blocks to the wall. It works perfectly (as I knew it would).

My husband kept referring to this as my "feature wall". I guess it really is a feature wall since it features prominently in my sewing space. My son was home tonight and said he likes my "inspiration wall". Certainly, being able to look at my work in progress as I sew, should serve as inspiration. So I guess it is a design wall, feature wall, and inspiration wall all in one!