Friday, October 23, 2009

Wednesday evening was our regular Quilt Guild meeting. The Workshop Committee encouraged members to bring along their hand work to this meeting so that we could stitch and visit the evening away. As you can see, these ladies are very busy stitching.

Busy hands.....
Wonderful handwork on these crazy quilt blocks.

We also had a short presentation from Grace. Grace talked about her years of quilting--she has been quilting since 1976--33 years!
Other members are being encouraged to share their "quilting journey" in the coming months. What a great way to get to know one another a little more.

Grace led us through how she started quilting through to the present time with wonderful humour and some great samples of her work.

Show and share is always a popular part of the evening.
These blocks were won by one of our members in a monthly block draw last year. The blocks made up into two wonderful lap sized quilts.

Dorothy has been chosen by our quilt committee to be our featured quilter at our upcoming quilt show in October 2010. Dorothy has been quilting since she was 5 years old. Many of Dorothy's family members have benefited by her wonderful talent and generosity as she shares her finished projects with many of them.

This giraffe project was perfectly timed for our show and share as there had been an announcement on that night's news that there were two baby giraffes born in the Fraser Valley this week--one in Aldergrove and one in Langley. Janet told us her project was a 39 year old UFO! Congratulations on getting this one off the UFO pile and onto the wall, Janet!

These small quilts have Velcro on the back so that they can be rearranged on the wall of the library. Enid was responsible for getting this project off the ground and sharing it with the local library. Each block was designed by Enid and represents a different children's story.

And of course the grand finale that is always a great hit - the revealing of We Care quilts that have been turned in that month.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Harrison Mills Quilt Show - Part 2

I had 4 quilts hanging in this show: Christmas Bargello, Rooster Twist, Harold's Fish Quilt, and All About Halloween.

Harrison Mills Quilt Show - Part 1

This weekend was the Annual Harrison Mills Quilt Show. This is a small quilt show that is heavily supported by local quilters and quilt admirers.

Sit back and enjoy the variety of quilts and incredible talent showcased this weekend.