Sunday, November 13, 2011

Minnesota Hot Dish - Finished Flimsy

This is my queen sized version of Terry Atkinson's Minnesota Hot Dish.  This quilt is now finished to the flimsy stage and has moved to the waiting-to-be-quilted pile.

This is a copy of the pattern jacket.  I believe this pattern is now out of print.  Atkinson Design patterns are great--never disappoint--no surprises--always end up looking like the pattern!  I know it seems funny to say that.  Shouldn't quilts end up looking like the pattern if you follow the pattern instructions?  Although this is what we expect when we purchase a pattern, many designers do not take the time to thoroughly test their pattern designs with real quilters and you end up frustrated at some point in the construction process.  

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Linda_J said...

Boy, isn't that the truth! Remember that purse that stood up by itself or how wordy the 4 patch posie pattern was? Good thing we had done a stack and whack before hand.