Friday, October 21, 2011

Utah-New Mexico Vacation - Part 1

We recently returned home from a holiday to the U.S. - a 20 day tour (Sept 21 to Oct 10) that took us south of Saskatchewan through Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico and then back north through Colorado, and the Dakotas to Saskatchewan. 

With two cameras between my husband and I, we managed to bring home over 3,000 pictures.  It has taken me hours to sort through those pictures to choose just a few to share here on my blog.  Even though I thought I was just picking a few pictures, I have ended up with 11 posts! 

This was my third tour and my husband's first tour with Ryjo Tours out of Tessier, Saskatchewan.

The scenery on this trip was constantly changing.  We often looked out of the window as we were travelling to see the most interesting landscapes. 

This picture was taken near Grand Junction, Colorado. 

When we were in Moab, Utah, we visited Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Dead Horse Point State Park.

This is a picture of Balanced Rock in Arches.

This is a picture of the famous Delicate Arch, also located in Arches.  This is the rock formation that is on the Utah state licence plate.
This is the view from Dead Horse Point State Park.  You can see the windy roads that the Jeeps and ATV's travel on to explore the canyons.
These pictures were taken in Canyonlands.

This was a picture I quickly snapped as I was getting back on the bus after a lunch break in Richfield, Utah.
The next two pictures were taken at Red Canyon, just outside of Bryce Canyon National Park.


Chookyblue...... said...

love all the photos.......nature is amazing......

Linda_J said...

Gorgeous photos! Is that rock really that red in person? The sky so pretty and blue in contrast. WOW.

G.Westfall said...

Great pictures. We've been to some of that area but not Canyonland or Dead Horse or Arches. I love the one of Grand Junction.