Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter Holiday

I headed out from home on my winter holiday on February 9. I am headed to what I hope is sunnier and warmer weather in the south--Texas and Louisiana.

The first stop on my vacation was my Aunt's house in Saskatchewan. I am travelling with my parents. The rest of the family are holding down the fort at home. We were two days in Saskatchewan before the tour bus picked us up on February 11.

Day 1: We headed south for the Saskatchewan / North Dakota border. Our destination for our first night was Minot, ND.
The first night of our tour we had an opportunity to meet other travellers on our bus during a social time. Here we are in the hotel in Minot having our "Town Hall Meeting".

Day 2: Our first stop on day two was Jamestown, North Dakota for coffee.

Coffee was at Burger King. As you can see, we didn't sit outside on the patio for coffee. LOL

There was a lot of snow in Jamestown--much more than we had experienced in Saskatchewan.

Afternoon coffee was in Watertown, South Dakota.

Although the sun came out, the temperatures remained cold!

The closer we got to our evening stop in Souix Falls, South Dakota, the denser the fog became. This is our tour bus in the parking lot of the hotel in Souix Falls.
Walking to the restaurant for supper was very slippery!

This little snowman was too cute to ignore--I just had to take his picture!

Day 3: The trees were covered with frost when we woke up in the morning on day 3.

Our evening stop on day 3 was Kansas City, Missouri. By the time we got to Kansas City we had very little snow--thankfully.


Jackie said...

Hopefully as you continue south the snow will be less and less. That is quite a bit of snow!

Pat said...

Looks like you are traveling through all sorts of weather! I'm sure it will *warm up* by the time you reach San Antonio!

Linda_J said...

Thanks for posting, Norma. I have been following along on the itinerary once I found it again. There are winter storm warnings out again for parts of TN and Northern Alabama---right after we melted off all we got on Friday.

Man, oh man, I sure hope the weather straightens out soon as so far it is worse than anything you had a home this season.

Be safe and have fun!

Anonymous said...

I don't know mom.. So far i'm glad i'm still at home! Looking pretty cold in your pictures. I'm sure soon as you head South I'll be wishing I was with you in the sun shine! Be safe!

Margaret said...

Surfed in from Pam,s Pages Enjoyed your photos of the snow and the Winter Olympics and the redwork hearts. Cheers

julieQ said...

Brrr, looks like your traveling through lots of snow! Safe travels to you...