Friday, August 21, 2009

RCMP Musical Ride

On the evening of August 20, my parents, my husband, and I headed to see the RCMP Musical Ride. I have seen the Ride before, but it was when I was very young. Since the Ride doesn't tour Canada every year, when they do tour near your community, you really need to make an effort to go out and see them. The opening act for the evening was Elvis impersonator, Jeff Bodner. It is fitting that Jeff opens the show as he is an RCMP officer in his "day" job.
The evening temperatures were very warm! However, once those magnificent horses and riders enter the arena and perform in perfect step to the music, you soon forget all about the heat.

Riders in this year's Ride represent every province in Canada.


A definite highlight of the evening is when the Ride is over and the audience members are allowed to approach the riders and horses on the arena floor. Riders are eager to answer questions and the horses tolerate all the children and adults who reach out to touch and pet them.

The RCMP Musical Ride is definitely one of Canada's treasures. Watching the performance of the Ride can not help but instill Canadian pride in each and every audience member.


Sheila said...

How fun! I love this kind of stuff. I looked it up on youtube--reminds me of marching bands.

Linda_J said...

Like Sheila, I watched the video on youtube that you had directed me to. I can only imagine how thrilled it is to see in person! Glad you were able to get tickets to the show. One of the highlights of your busy, busy summer, I'm guessing?

Mary-Kay said...

I saw the Musical Ride 24 years ago in Windsor ON and thought it was pretty cool then. Since then we saty away from horses due to both boys being very allergic to them. It is truly a Canadian tradition!